Q.: How can I tell it's time for a session?
A.: Every individual knows them selves differently. Typically when you recognize you were repeating a habit(s) and or pattern(s) that you would rather not and feel you cannot change your behavior on your own.
Q.  Is there any difference between hands on or distance sessions?
A.: No. The only difference is that one uses that actual person, the other uses the individual's energy. Energy is energy, run via distance, one can still feel the amazing benefits. Distance is quite beneficial for those with limited time or willingness to be touched.

Q.: How long are your sessions?
A.: Typically one hour to an hour and a half.
Q.: What can I expect during a session?
A.: With a hands on session, you can expect my hands to be on areas of concern. I follow the energy. If there's any information received during during a session, I will share what is presented to me.  
Q.: Is there anything I can do to prepare for a session? 
A.: Keep an open mind. Ask for your highest and best healing. Relax and enjoy. Just by making an appointment you are taking the first steps toward allowing and receiving. 
Q.: What can I expect to feel after a session? 
A.: Each individual receives and heals differently. Some clients have found that they release a lot emotionally and physically. Emotional release may take many forms: sadness, reflection, joy, peace, etc. Releasing physically not only will you feel relaxed, but also may find you may eliminate physically. Above all clients feel lighter and happier. Because each session is different and various players are uncovered throughout each session, clients may find that they feel anew not only immediately, but more so within a weeks time.