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I am a healer and a parent of a child with additional needs, specifically Down syndrome. I didn’t know I was a healer until my son was almost two years old and I took an energy work class. I was overwhelmed at that time from having to fight for my son’s life a week after he was born. We were given the possible diagnosis of Down syndrome and were told he’d need to have open heart surgery within a month or two, though the doctor recommended it would be best to get him to 5 or six months. The struggle was real. We succeeded in getting him to 5 months so surgery would be successful. But stress took its toll. I suffered with anxiety that expressed itself as allergies. My family suffered with me. I didn’t like the pattern that ensued and I chose to start making myself a priority. I healed myself AND my family. We became joyful again.
 I later became educated in biofeedback as I was looking for a solution for my son’s insomnia. But it really changed when he was almost 6 years old. He had been diagnosed with Apraxia and we had just started working with a new speech pathologist that was trained in P.R.O.M.P.T. therapy. For the first three visits all I heard her say to me is” He keeps dislocating his jaw!” By the fourth appointment I was tired of hearing this, much more of him hearing this, and I didn’t want his energetic body to align with this. On top of that, the next day we had an orthotist appointment as my son’s ankles and feet are very pronated, left more than right. The orthotist asked me” Has anyone talked to you about binding up his legs from his toes to his thighs?” I immediately asked “Why would they do that?” He remarked “because he’s walking pigeon toed.” 
 That lit a fire in me. I didn’t like feeling as though this was our reality, I wanted to create our own reality. I KNOW how important words are and how they affect us and create quite a subconscious effect within us. That night I prayed and asked for guidance because I knew that the energy work I had learned wasn't going to affect my son’s alignment and biofeedback would take too much time and couldn’t stop a pattern he had established in his body. After my prayer, I held his head and began the session. This was the beginning and the development of my current Cynchronisity energy work. The next day, the speech pathologist said most excitedly, “He can’t make any of the sounds we’ve been working on!” I looked at her,  “Don’t worry, I just relaxed all his muscles. Give him a week and at the next appointment, if he isn't able to make those sounds, THEN we can be concerned.” She looked at me like I had 10 heads...what I was saying was mind boggling to her. By that Friday which was 3 days after the orthoptist appointment, my son wasn’t walking pigeon toed. By the following speech therapy appointment which was on a Monday he wasn't dislocating his jaw as much.
 Two years ago, when my son was in second grade, I was told that it is typical for children with Down syndrome to show their differences as they are not able to stay up with their peers by 3rd grade. My son is in fourth grade and is in a typical general education classroom and he is able to do the curriculum that his typical peers are doing. How is that possible? Because we chose not to accept the “reality” that others insisted was real. We chose to double down and invest money, time, love and energy to make that happen.
 Through the ongoing love and support of my husband, I have been able to focus on deepening my understanding and developing techniques I creatively incorporate into my work.
 Now, I want to be of greater service. I want to share my tools that got us through feeling a victim of our own mindset and physical unease into a state of embracing possibilities and triumph. If you or you and your family are looking to shift from heightened stress patterns that do not benefit you and you are ready and committed to making a change, I am ready to honor you and your wishes and help guide you and or your family along your path into well-being. We are not just physical beings, we are emotional, spiritual, and at this time looking for connection on all levels. 



This blog for all intents and purposes is meant to be simple yet enlightening. I have come to find that it truly is those simpler things in life that we come to know, that we take for granted to share. So this blog is my way of sharing those simpler things; be it apps that have enriched our son’s education, discussions I have had with friends that have made me or them go “hmm,” insights from my energy work, or simply thoughts on something I’ve read.