"My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5.5 years old. His doctor recommended a non-stimulant and we tried it for a few weeks. We celebrated his 6th birthday with a shell of a boy. My sweet, energetic and fun loving boy did not show up mentally to his own party. He was then switched to a stimulant and as a result he lost a lot of weight (that he could not afford to lose). Realizing that we did not want to use our son as a science experiment to find the “right fit” in the stimulant world, my husband and I began our journey to help support our son without medicine. 

We tried various therapies to help “balance his brain”. We tried the oils, the extra exercise, the slew of supplements. If it had a chance of helping our sweet boy, our tried it!  We treated leaky gut and addressed the sensory issues. We tried homeopathy and then acupuncture. Throughout our six year journey, all of these things helped him, but they did not have a profound effect. 
I continued to tell my husband that it’s as if he has this energy inside of him that he just can figure out how to expel. My husband agreed to let me try neurobiofeedback so I asked my son’s OT for a recommendation.

I was given Cynthia’s name and decided to give her a call. It turned out that the therapy I had sold my husband on(neurofeedback) was not at all what a Cynthia offered. I decided to give her a try anyway. After one treatment of biofeedback and signing up for the H.E.B. System, my once reckless and lost boy who couldn’t focus on his schoolwork unless I sat with him the entire time suddenly turned into a calm and mature young man. Homework was suddenly getting done in a timely manner, chores taken care of after one request or sometimes without any prompts. His teacher reported that she has seen great improvement in his behavior and he seems more calm in the classroom. 

His overall temperament changed and I was astonished. I kept asking him what he did with my son. He would smile and say “I’m right here, mom!” His troubles with eye contact are diminishing and he is engaging in more conversation than ever. 

I believe God has a plan for me and my son and we were meant to cross paths with Cynthia and explore biofeedback. I couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen so far! It’s easy to see how much passion Cynthia has for biofeedback and the H.E.B. system and more importantly how passionate she is to help families in need. I am beyond grateful for all of the help we’ve received from Cynthia and biofeedback." 
Suzanne Glas​​ 

"I have experienced the pleasure of, and tremendous benefit from, working with Cynthia on a myriad of issues through her expansive knowledge of, and intuition in, various types of energy work. Whether the concern is a slight pain or significant distress, Cynthia reads the body with such precision that she can truly get to the source. She has helped me not only heal the explicable pains, but also uncover the subconscious causes of other issues; and I’ve experienced such relief with that awareness. After sessions I feel refreshed physically and mentally, but beyond that, her work has actually spared me having to visit specialists for pain. Aside from her skills, she is one of the most honest and professional people I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who wishes to feel better." L.C. Naples, FL





"I saw Cynthia in respect of helping me ease back pain following an operation a few years ago. Having tried a number of techniques I approached Cynthia's with an open mind and was glad I did. Two weeks later I feel more relaxed, my back. Is easier and interestingly my recent transatlantic flight that normally leaves me jet lagged for up to 14 days was significantly easier with jet lag for just 3/4 days. I am keen that my wife sees Cynthia when we return to Florida early in the new year as I am sure she can assist her as well." M.W. England 

​"My Chiropractic clinic recently received a cleansing from Cynthia. Since the cleansing, my clinic has experienced an increase in patients walking through the door, along with an increase in payments for past due balances. The overall energy of the clinic has also increased. My Chiropractic Assistant mentioned to me how the next morning when she walked in, she could feel the presence of the clinic was extremely positive, and I agree with her. Cynthia is such a genuine person who truly loves what she does. I would highly recommend her services for your own business or for yourself."
Jennifer Moses, D.C Naples Abundant Health Chiropractic

"Cynthia is highly skilled in several healing modalities and uses her phenomenal intuition as guidance.  One thing that makes Cynthia stand apart is her ability to gently and clearly communicate with her clients on all levels.  I did a session with Cynthia to begin the process of opening up my physical and emotional body for further healing work and to help me communicate and share my work (yoga teacher) from a place of openness rather than tension.  Ever since my treatment, I have noticed subtle yet profound changes in the way I think and communicate to myself and in my relationships.  Cynthia helped me begin the process of opening, attuning and allowing for the right people and circumstances to flow into my life. The most amazing part of working with Cynthia is her commitment to follow-up and ongoing support and guidance, even after the healing session. She is truly a spiritual guide and I know that Cynthia will be a part of my inner work for years to come." A.L Naples, FL

"I have owned a holistic health center in Southwest Florida for many years and therefore have extensive experience in energy work. I have worked with many energy practitioners over the years and I am a Reiki master teacher myself. I can very honestly say that there are people who think they can perform energy work and then there are people really can move and work with energy; of those I have only found about a handful in my life!
I have had three sessions with Cynthia and can very honestly say that the work she does is very profound and has the ability to reach very deeply!
After she did the modality with me which is called "The Bars "I have had a major shift in my life and could see how my relationships improved and I was able to handle certain situations much better than I was before.
Cynthia's energy work has really made a profound difference in my life and I can only recommend her services to the highest degree possible!"
Marc W. Naples, FL

"I recently had my first energy work session with Cynthia Sharpe. She intuitively went to the areas of my body that had received trauma throughout my life and knew without a word there was blockages in theses areas. I left the session feeling renewed and refreshed . I can't wait until I get back to Naples again to try a bars session with her it sounds amazing. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs to relax and unwind and simply let go of everyday and long-term build-up of stress." S.H. Sarasota, FL