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This blog for all intents and purposes is meant to be simple yet enlightening. I have come to find that it truly is those simpler things in life that we come to know, that we take for granted to share. So this blog is my way of sharing those simpler things; be it apps that have enriched our son’s education, discussions I have had with friends that have made me or them go “hmm,” insights from my energy work, or simply thoughts on something I’ve read.

After having been in excruciating pain caused from car accidents, Cynthia sought out various different modalities to help ease and rid herself of pain. It wasn't until the birth of her son and the need to seek additional help in preparing him for open heart surgery that she herself became a healer. When Cynthia learned these modules for healing, it helped Cynthia begin her path as a practitioner. Now, through various sessions, her energy work has transformed and continues to do so as she is a continual learner from each session providing the healing that each individual needs. Most importantly, Cynthia is careful when doing sessions not to have transference of energy between practitioner and client, so client leaves session feeling clear and refreshed and released of what no longer serves them. 

 Today, Cynthia is sharing those same treatments that have helped her and her family so that others can experience a better balanced life and move forward in their lives with ease and grace. 
 Although Cynthia currently resides in Naples with her family, she can do distance healing for people in different states and countries.